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About Us

Hemp-T Oil is an oil & gas services company that specialises in the exploration, production, refining and transportation of petroleum and other related products.

We implement innovative, efficient and sustainable exploration, development and production solutions in respond to our future energy challenges.

We invest in our human capital and technology to deliver exception services in the oil & gas industry

Our Services

  • Inspection of all drill pipes, drill collars, casing, tubings, handling equipment, load bearing equipment, pressure bearing equipment. All types of equipment to appropriate standard and policies.
  • Prospecting, Refining, transportation, supply of petroleum products and natural gas. Processing and dealing in liquefied natural gas and other petroleum products.
  • Construction and installation of all works for oil exploration and producing plant, petrochemical plants, liquefied natural gas plant, refineries, pipelines and water mains.
  • Extraction, refining, processing, blending, movement and storage of oil and hydrocarbon gases, liquids and solids for chemical and petrochemical industry.
  • Installation of petroleum and petrochemical plants.
  • Storage of chemical, basic industrial organic and non-organic chemicals
  • Collection, treatment, transportation, distribution or dispersal of waterborne and airborne industrial and chemical effluents


Hemp-T Oil & Gas Services Company is firmly committed to establishing, promoting and maintaining a safety system that will sustain a safe and healthy work place which is environmental friendly. We commit to abide by the best industry practices and legislative requirements.

We commit to conduct periodic assessments of our operations to identify risks and reduce personnel exposure. In making these commitments, we believe that each employee has the responsibility to work in such a manner as to safeguard himself, his fellow employees and the assets of the company. Internal training, safe work practices and procedures are clearly defined in the Safety Manual for all employees to follow.


Our company aims to make the world a greener place. It believes in the pursuit of holistic sustainable development through creativity, commitment and integrity. Hemp-T Oil & Gas Services Company Ltd is an equal opportunity employer.

Through an invigorating work environment, ample learning opportunities and attractive benefits, the company grooms its employees to be the ambassadors of a sustainable tomorrow.

Job seekers looking for employment in our organization should send their CVs to info@hemptoil.com

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34, Towolawi street, Coker, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

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